Malaysia’s ‘fair, fair, fair Abdullah’

I don’t know if I should fault The Star’s English of its front-page story today or to try to understand what the Malaysian Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi means when he assured Malaysians at the 54th General Assembly of the Malaysian Chinese Association (MCA) yesterday that “his policies” will be “fair and equitable” to them. Doesn’t fair mean equitable? Anyway, is Abdullah saying that he’s abandoning all racially discriminatory policies such as the National Economic Policy (NEP)? The NEP isn’t really fair to the Malays because it aims to give only 30% of the nation’s economy to them and the other indigenous people, collectively known as Bumiputra or sons of the soil, who make up slightly more than half of Malaysia’s 25 million people who include ethnic Chinese and Indians. But, of course, the NEP isn’t HIS policy. Or is it?

Can Malaysians then expect Abdullah to replace Najib Tun Razak with Ong Ka Ting, president of the MCA, Abdullah’s Umno’s bedfellow in the 13-member Nasional Barisan national coalition government, as his deputy premier? Or perhaps Samy Vellu, president of the Malaysian Indian Congress (MIC), another BN party? That would be “fair and equitable”, wouldn’t it?

Can Malaysians expect to be considered for places in public universities on merit alone, regardless of their race? And can Malaysians expect that the appointment of the next Bank Governor, the Chief Justice, the Attorney-General, the Inspector-General of Police, the army general and other government officers will be made on merit alone? That would be “fair and equitable”, wouldn’t it? But then (like the NEP) the civil service policies, the education policies and many other government policies aren’t Abdullah’s policies. And he’s not to be blamed if he doesn’t live up to his “fair and equitable” rhetoric at yesterday’s MCA meeting. In Malaysia, many English words take on different meanings: fair doesn’t necessarily mean fair. Thus this explains why Abdullah is compelled to stress, “I have been fair, I want to be fair and I will always be fair.”


Ps: I can’t understand this sentence in the Star story:

Abdullah also stressed the importance of sincere leaders who take into account the interests of all races, are fair and just in their actions and consider the feelings of others in their decision-making.”

… and this quote from Abdullah:

Leaders should not harbour intentions of isolating or discriminating against any race. This should never be done. If a leader tries to isolate a certain race, he is not fit to be a leader in this country,” he said.  

Can anyone explain them to me? 


6 Responses to Malaysia’s ‘fair, fair, fair Abdullah’

  1. sloone says:

    that speech should be ONLY and DIRECTLY directed to UMNO or rather all BN components 🙂

  2. rastaman says:

    The MCA do is the prelude for a slew of accomodating statements and demands that will be courted by the likes of MIC,Gerakan during their forthcoming AGM. Ummmm…..No will be the end result and everydog will keep their tails between their legs and for the next 4yrs or so and the same do will make its rounds again and the end result will be the same.
    Dear PM if you know and understand the word “FAIR ” pls do us a favor… fair in appointing 3 main races as the Yang Di Pertua of the Local Councils thru out Malaysia….and you will be our best PM we have ever had! You have to see the little napoleons at work and you will be
    wondering what they are up to.
    On Fridays, they come resplendant in their baju Melayu (minus the keris) to work and clock in at 830am terus ke kantin hingga 945…..then some will be seen hanging out at different depts chattering away issues of no relevance…and at 1030am it is siesta time again in the canteen with different groupies…..till 1130am….then back to their desk to scan some files and applications.At 12 noon all work stops and dont dare take a chance to see them till 245pm. Between 3 to 4 it is tea time again and at 430 it will be bye bye.

    The whole shit starts at these depts and these are the depts that need to be fair to the general public and tax payers… be fair and appoint the 3 races. At least productivity will increase and bring about more money for your fair mega projects and fair bail outs of Ports and Corridors.

  3. Joey Huang says:

    Its so stressful trying to read your small prints!

  4. Jonah says:

    Thanks Joey Huang for your comment. Yes, I’ve been trying to figure out how I can use a bigger typeface. Unfortunately, WordPress doesn’t give me a choice of font sizes. Could you or someone else help me out here?

  5. cougarjump says:

    Hi Jonah,
    You can edit like this :
    When you are in the “write” dashboard, choose “CODE” instead of “VISUAL”. Then, you can add in front of your text :

  6. cougarjump says:

    Sorry, the comment is broken into 2 parts!

    ………your text…………..

    You can change the “5” to any number you like. The larger the number the bigger the words.

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