A reporter’s notebook

Zaki AzmiThe past weeks have been particularly exciting and colourful in Malaysia. And today is another busy day. The sudden elevation of controversial lawyer Zaki Azmi (picture) to the Federal Court, the nation’s highest bench, has not only raised eyebrows but caused much unease among the legal fraternity and many Malaysians.

I leave you some of my notes:

  1. Is the Malaysian Bar Council unanimous in its support of Zaki? So far, in comments from lawyers on an article on its website, it has been 2:1 against Zaki at the time of writing this post.
  2. Some senior judges are unhappy.
  3. Many Malaysians are wondering who has the upperhand in Zaki’s appointment. The Prime Minister? The Chief Justice? The King?
  4. Why has Zaki been elevated to the highest bench so suddenly?

The colourful Zaki certainly makes good copy. But in Malaysia, good stories can wait. So, I guess I’ll let it simmer for a little while. Please be patient. Of course, I run the risk of someone else beating me to it.

Well …


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