Malaysia’s premier doesn’t understand cronyism

Abdullah Ahmad BadawiMalaysia’s prime minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi says he doesn’t know the meaning of “cronyism“, according to a report in The Star newspaper today.

The newspaper quoted him as saying, “I do not understand the word” when Abdullah was asked about worries over cronyism in his 13-state Southeast Asian Federation. 

 Abdullah, who was in Singapore to woo 400 international businessmen to invest in Malaysia, has been accused of awarding government business to his family and close friends.

“Everyone has a chance here,” he said in the report headlined “Everyone can do business in Malaysia.”

Abdullah’s critics say it doesn’t need much imagination to do business in Malaysia after the country’s Auditor-General in his annual report says that the Malaysian government paid almost six times the market price for a set of screwdrivers


8 Responses to Malaysia’s premier doesn’t understand cronyism

  1. LC_Teh says:

    He’s staring at the trees and asking, “Where’s the forest?”…

  2. 123 says:

    it’s Khairysm now folks….thats why he say he don’t know the word anymore

  3. Ben says:

    What does he know? Nepotism and corruption is non existant here in Malaysia. That much he knows. So,why bother to ask him. All is fine and honky dory in Bolehland.

  4. cj2007 says:

    PM is always the first to announce national policies and implementations but the last to know the results or wrong feedbacks. You just see the pyramid. The bases are the majority. He has the ambitious to implement all good policies to ‘rakyat’ but in the process many variations surface.

    It is always easier to say than done…!!!

  5. Rauff says:

    ignorance is bliss~

  6. The Dog says:

    In Japan the PM will resign in shame and in Abe’s case- warded for exhaustion. Here…everything is still fine and havenly. AG’s report- no one’s guilty cos not proven yet although nuts are paid likte gold bars.

  7. Philip Chong says:


    Since AAB introduced Hadhari Islam & his son in-law introduced halal food concepts,
    Why they don’t add corruption, abuse of power into halal concept & Hadhari teaching?

  8. Gina says:

    He knows nothing. That’s why he is a happy man. He is the only one in BN not in denial (he doesn’t know what it means). Good to know there is at least one honest Malaysian in BN.

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