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broad·side      [brawd-sahyd] Pronunciation KeyShow IPA Pronunciation noun, adverb, verb, -sid·ed, -sid·ing.


3. any strong or comprehensive attack, as by criticism.

4. Also called broadsheet.

a. a sheet of paper printed on one or both sides, as for distribution or posting.

6. Also called broadside ballad. a song, chiefly in 16th- and 17th-century England, written on a topical subject, printed on broadsides, and sung in public, as on a street corner, by a professional balladeer.

These definitions somewhat summarize what Broadside Malaysia is.

The response to this news blog has been encouraging since I posted my first article, A jostling, juggling Tan, on 16 August. It quickly became one of the top posts of Word Press.  It received 421 hits on the day it appeared. Since then visitors to my blog have reached 4,850 at the last count in a short span of a fortnight. The few articles that I’ve written and posted on my blog so far have been lifted by other blogs and news websites, notably Malaysia-Today. This would mean that there have been many thousands more readers of my articles.

I write my stories as an independent foreign observer who tries to be as objective, accurate and credible as possible in reporting Malaysia. But as journalists know, the credibility of a story depends very much on the credibility of their sources. The social or political eminence of a person who is a news source doesn’t necessarily make him a credible spokesman. And I believe my readers are intelligent enough to know how to separate truth from fiction. Opinion, unless attributed to a source, will remain my opinion. Readers are free to disagree with anything that is written in this blog. Your comments and criticisms, no matter how harsh, are welcome. But please keep them decent and dignified. I won’t allow comments that are racist, derogatory and vulgar. 

The aim of this news blog is simple: To tell the story of Malaysia as I see it.



2 September, 2007



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